Img 4284ReleaseWelcome to Springbrook Park!  We are a neighborhood park in DeKalb County, Georgia that is being developed and supported by the Friends of Springbrook Park.  

Friends of Springbrook Park is a Fiscal Partner of Park Pride, a non-profit organization serving parks in the Atlanta metro area. 

The park, located at 1502 Springbrook Drive, is a one-acre lot purchased by DeKalb County using monies from the 2003 Greenspace Bond Fund.  We recently completed a pavilion, terrace, slate chip paths, sodded area, Oodle swing, and a Moon Rock Climber. 

We have installed seven garden beds, thanks to the efforts of neighbor Dennis Cryor and all beds are being planted by families in the neighborhood.

The Monarch Garden was planted on April 23 and includes insect hotels, pollinator supporting plants and basking areas.  We collected over 80 monarch caterpillars and most pupated and were released for their journey to Mexico in early October.Dog Best Friend

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